About Me

Who I am

  • A leadership coach
  • Affiliate coach in training through Accomplishment Coaching, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) by July 2018
  • Certified wellness coach with a background in a holistic approach to health
  • Licensed physician practicing emergency medicine and urgent care for over 18 years 

How I got here

I have come to feel strongly, after spending years working in the ER, that I want to provide for people beyond the ER paradigm. What I love about being a doctor is helping people become more healthy and easing distress. This interaction is rewarding, but focused on treating the symptoms rather than the root causes.  

I now want to also support people from a more holistic perspective. So, I have spent the last year of my life immersed first in wellness and nutrition certification, and now in an intensive leadership and coach training program. I am already working with clients as a coach, and plan on making coaching a large part of my career.

Doctors focus on fixing problems. As a coach, I don’t focus on “fixing people and their problems”. I support my clients with specific tools and guidance to find their answers and power from within themselves, to create the life they really want, with a focus on achieving optimum balance and wellbeing.

To me, wellbeing means having all aspects of your life in alignment. It happens when your relationships - with others, yourself, career, spirituality, and involvement in community - all support your goals and values. 

My focus is on helping my clients overcome the barriers that prevent them from becoming their best selves. In doing this, I guide my clients to be the creators in achieving their life goals, whether it’s a career change, achieving greater productivity, creating more fulfilling relationships, or generating work-life balance. Life is more fun and fulfilling when you create it, rather than “letting life happen to you”.

Be a leader in your life

Where do you see gaps in your life between where you are and where you want to be? I can support you in closing those gaps.

I am eager to work with new clients. If you or anyone you know is interested in what coaching could provide, please reach out, I would love to hear from you.